Healthy sandwiches

Professional chefs often belittle sandwiches for not really being a meal. It is treated as an inferior meal that is considered to be only appropriate to be served at lunchtime or as snacks for children. The reality is that sandwiches can be enjoyed anytime, as there are thousands of options to please all taste buds.

One of the biggest advantages to sandwiches is their relatively easy preparation when compared to other meals and it is also cost efficient. It is easy to throw a sandwich into our backpack before embarking on a day hike or just relaxing at the beach. Sandwiches are a great option to munch on during our break to help keep our work performance up during a long shift or an informal supper with good friends after enjoying the afternoon together. The truth is that we can enjoy delicious sandwiches throughout the day.

Sandwiches aren’t just a convenient and versatile option but they’re often confused with being a type of unhealthy fast food. Sandwiches are not junk food especially when they are prepared with wholesome food products. Of course like everything in life, we need to eat them in moderation and control the type of ingredients.

Sandwiches can do more than save us from starving to death. They can be enjoyed as a quick snack or as your main meal for the day. Sandwiches can play an important role in helping you receive your daily nutrients when made with the correct proportions but at the same time being delicious and healthy.

The nutritional features of a well-balanced sandwich should follow the basic guidelines of a traditional food pyramid.

  • Give preference to complex carbohydrates. This is due to the fact that most sandwiches use bread as their outer layer, but it can contain carbohydrates as part of the filling too.
  • Always include protein in the your diet. 12% to 15% of the calories we daily consume should come from protein. It is very easy to guarantee this while preparing a sandwich, since it is easy to add protein to just about any type of sandwich. But we can also take in account that your sandwich bread contains a small amount of this macronutrient.
  • Use fats moderately, giving priority to vegetable oils. These are flavorful, provide texture and they are healthy fats that are good for your hearts health. So choose unsaturated fats for your sandwich.

Ingredients for a healthy sandwich:

In order to make a delicious sandwich but at the same time still following a well balanced diet, it is recommended to use whole-wheat bread, extra-virgin olive oil, fish, low-fat meats, dried fruits, vegetables and low-fat cheeses.

Also take into consideration the size of your sandwich. It should be a moderate portion and always use whole foods over processed ones.

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