Why should you buy your waist trainer on Ijoobi.com?

At Ijoobi.com, we will focus today on a matter that has been a bit controversial in recent months. It is the famous “waist trainer” or more commonly known as “waist training corset“.

The waist training corset from Ijoobi is a slimming sheath made of 100% latex and which tightens your waist. This tight corset is used to compress the size and thus mechanically refine it. Women tending to accumulate fats and also a lot of water at this place of the body.

Is there any medical use for the waist trainer?

Our waist training corsets can also be used as a medical device, indeed many of our clients use it as a postpartum belt. It is a fact that after childbirth women have back pain and wish to be maintained, or they might just want to hide their small curves. Our waist training corsets are also designed for that. They will act as a postpartum belt, helping you to hide your little flaws under your clothes and they will help you to refine your waist, and belly, which most of the time, get fat right after childbirth.

Can you use our waist training corsets to slim down?

Yes our corsets are actually designed for this purpose. With The latex manufacturing of our waist trainers compressing your belly, you will naturally eat less. Its action located at the waist will allow you in the long run to refine it and display perfect shapes. This is called thermosudation. Our waist training corsets will allow you to refine your silhouette. Of course, this doesn’t stand for a miracle diet, as you will still need to adapt your diet with a balanced diet and a regular physical activity. Our corsets are ideal for the sport and very practical to use even during fitness sessions.

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Beware of cheap waist training corsets

It is better we warn you against many sites that sell Chinese products, without a genuine latex, without any guarantees, in fact these corsets have absolutely nothing to do with the waist training that we sell on our site. All good things come at a price. These slimming corsets that you buy are made by machines, with products whose origin we do not know and whose solidity has not yet been demonstrated. Your aim while buying your corset should be to keep your product as long as possible. We have received feedback from customers who bought on others websites and they have declared allergies, or the product has just lasted 2 weeks.

The waist training we sell on Ijoobi are the best ones on the market, they are known and recognized brands, they are handmade, they are manufactured and are tested before being marketed. Without any allergies because there is no additives in our waist trainers.

What is the quality guarantee we can expect from the waist trainer available on Ijoobi.com?

After trying and testing several hundred slimming corsets, we came to the conclusion that 99% of the corsets made in China were of very poor quality. It promises you slimming corsets 100% latex and checking they do not even have 20% (the rest is cotton or polyester) so that your product will have no drainage action. Then (and that is a very important point), comes the quality of the hooks used, we noticed that the hooks used by the Chinese companies were all very bad quality and only after a few days of use the hooks broke.

We then decided at Ijoobi.com to sell only brands that dominate the market both by the quality of the material used for the manufacture, but especially by the robustness of the products. It is for this reason that we decided at Ijoobi.com to use only these brands and no others. So if you are looking for quality only buy these brands that you cannot find elsewhere but at Ijoobi.com

YouTube tutorial videos to help you put your waist training

To accompany you in the slack in place of your waist trainer, we regularly post tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel. It will be very beneficial to you and will help you have a visually correct procedure. We recommend you to put your slimming sheath between 4 and 8 hours per day but you will find all the information in the YouTube video that we have realized to better explain the use of the waist trainer.

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