Benefits of blueberries

Eating purple or reddish blueberries helps in the development of certain healthy bacteria’s for our intestines. Also they aid nurture our intestines, thanks to carbohydrates that are present in this fruit. Our body has a large amount of different bacteria. It is estimated that it is almost the same amount as cells and many of these bacteria’s play an important role in our body’s overall health. Just as is the case with intestinal mircobiome that could be benefited when eating blueberries, according to a recent study by the Massachusetts Amherst University.

Reddish or purple blueberries and probiotics can help to increase the growth of some microorganisms that are very beneficial for your intestinal health. This occurs because of the type of carbohydrate that this super food contains. It activates the bacteria’s necessary for our digestive system to function correctly.

This type of carbohydrate is called xyloglucan, the body cannot digest this special type of sugar, but the bacteria in the intestines break it down and create useful molecules for your body. These bifidobacterium can only be found in extremely small amounts in adults, but recently born babies have them in large quantities, as do nursing babies.

According to the investigation conducted by the University mentioned above, they have also discovered that some of these intestinal bifidobacterium consume xyloglucan, which can make a formic acid and produces less lactic acid than normally. However, studies haven’t shown how this will affect our long-term health, but they do understand how this impacts the entire bacterium community found inside of your intestines.

Thanks to these studies that were published in the magazine: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, now we are able to begin to produce food products or supplements to nurture and care for our intestines. The authors of this article stated that what we eat doesn’t only power us, but it also affects one way or another the mircobiomes and one way or another our intestinal health.

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