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This is a rather good summary of Dewapoker. By this, I mean that Dewapoker was a little like Huckleberry Finn, with a variety of topics that people discuss for no apparent reason. It is as if the author were writing as if he were in real life. With the vagueness of the author, it’s hard to determine what the topic was intended to be, but at one point, there’s a reference to studying.

Another interesting tidbit from Dewapoker is the author mentions exactly what his reason was for creating the fictional character of Dewapoker. After reading it, I had to take a look at my own name and find out what it meant. His explanation was interesting. Perhaps he will consider this in his future works.

In my opinion, the topic of the article is interesting. Many times, men are given too much credit, or too little. This author notes that he’s given a lot. There’s more to him than meets the eye. Who knew such a thing could exist?

One personal favorite line in this article was about having to feed himself. As he stated, he didn’t like vegetables. It was much easier for him to be able to make himself a “boiled pumpkin.” He knew all the ingredients to boil it, so it didn’t have to be anything fancy.

The author also points out how much his love of writing had to do with not being able to walk. He didn’t want to be forced to do anything because he didn’t feel like it. It was the same thing for the characters in the story. He just wanted to write them and let them go.

It must have been a difficult thing for the author because his condition worsened. He had to write the story over again. When it became a chore, he just went on vacation.

The author points out how he had to keep writing and not give up until the story came out right. By the time he was able to sit down, and get started, he was dying to get it done. All of us writers out there need to take a look at our writing, and see where we can improve.

It is a nice little article by the author mentions how he had to physically move all over the house to keep writing. He would sit down and get started, but all he needed was a couple of minutes of his time. Any writer needs to know their limits, so they can control what they can write. Dewapoker gives you an idea as to what he wrote, and how far he had to move before getting somewhere.